Star: The world most beautiful actress she is to righteous holy to let us see that God gift her natural beauty but wait the beauty star dust is real ginger you but the ginger in her natural hair the sparkles in winter or summer or autumn is not too much in your face says the very young and very beautiful humble power house actress and most talented and Hollywood highest paid actress Queen Patience Kate Ajike the 23 years of age world star has been talking about this film since she wrote it 8 August 2012 “The Trusted” A massive Kate Angel Productions boxoffice.

The Trusted is a master piece the world most famous let’s leave it there she is a woman of God as well as a strong light in the entertainment industry Queen Patience Kate Ajike was preparing to go visit one of the country she is from the beautiful mix Ohafia Nigeria origin, Native America Red India, Jewish,  Egyptian, Arab, Umuguma Nigeria, Australia, Brazil, Italy Vatican City, Portugal, Switzerland, Canadian, Mexican, Scandinavia born in UK Leeds after completing The Trusted on 8 August 2012 after she had finished writing what she described as one of her first and best work as a script writer that saw it from an actress point of view, she obtained something very special she said she didn’t look back on it even Lot in the bible would agree that his Queen Ndidi Ajike had a very good reason which had been a focus for her since then. We can not disagree that as it the season of Ohafia Harvest let’s open the bible for that.

The rich writer and romance and fantasy actress producer Queen Patience Kate Ajike before she had even filmed the film, it was accepted for $1,000,000 script writer California award winner, but the now beautifully 23 years of age that then she was a minor so couldn’t fly over to collect her award and monies then so she passed upon it, as said before even filming the film said the Hollywood highest paid actress, as aspiring excellent producer who wrote the world class script for the awaiting box office global cinema movie, The Trusted, the whole UK and Ireland cinema said yes to have it released in thier cinema, Australia said yes to have it released in their cinema, New York Cinema said yes, Chicago cinema said yes, California cinema said yes and it was going for a Christmas December that year cinema release putting the young 23 years of age irresistible actress then just 14 up for Academy Award best actress, writer and producer.

At 23 and still going strong the world most famous actress Queen Patience Kate Ajike has been in talk with Hollywood she is aiming for a global cinema release with the Kate Angel Productions legacy movie The Trusted but she is currently sorting out the casting with a top UK casting director before she begin filming hoping to get on board a director that worked with her on her long ran stage musical production where she sang and acted Syreena’s song wait for it the wonderful director and first standing ovation please lion king stage production star and director Anthony Ekundayo Lennon to direct the movie piece “ The Trusted”. 

We are still on the casting stage with The Trusted but Queen Patience Kate Ajike has said she doesn’t want to hesitate that the film is taking a while to film and open but by August 2022 hopefully it should have been finished in terms of filming so it can get a 2022 December released or that New Year’s Day release for the next year 2023.

The beautiful Star Dust Queen Patience Kate Ajike has said her schedule is completely jam packed she has a full time job as a lead actress and she is working. The Trusted is a step at a time but she had done all the producing and writing leg work for it, it would be her cream de la cream the screen as an actress upon it.

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