Star: The most famous and most desired fashion event Global Fashion Week.

Global fashion week is going to be for Television this year, 2021 you can get studio ticket to come.

Is it going to be for channel 4 we hope so.

Global fashion week is in aid of money for the following charity 

*Global fashion week is aid of : 

*Eze-Nwanyi Sheba Patience Ajike international Medical Hospitals. 

*Paradise Organisation, 

*Kate City FC, 

*Ohafia Football Association

 *An Orphanage. 

*Eze-Nwanyi Ugwunwa Ajike Sickness prevention vaccination Agenda.

*Sickle charity 

*Asthma charity 

* Christian Aid

Global fashion week is going to be displaying Queen Patience Catherine Ajike the actress model the most beautiful Queen Patience Catherine Ugwunwa Ajike congratulations on her full on 23 years career as Ohafia Nigeria International actress/model.

 Queen Patience Catherine Ugwunwa Ajike is the most beautiful internationally recognised and famous A list Actress of the 20th and 21st century and she is also a model/actress.

Queen Patience  Ajike has been modelling since she was a child. Queen Catherine Ajike is a very exceptionally beautiful, cute, adorable and was cherished for her special locks curly yes is real  but not in your face ginger, beautiful hair that no one has, as she modelled hair oil and hair accessories for mainstream markets as well as what was known as their bubble gum clothing, yogurt , ice cream and toys commercial prints from during her acting/modelling Queen Patience Ajike was the face Micky Mouse White Jumper Print Commercial, Candy and then toys dolls, theme park ride and long contract with “child craft commercial” 

Queen Catherine Ugwunwa Ajike was still doing various commercial print for scooters, bikes, rollers skates, Winnie the Pooh, Sanatogen, and was still very much cherished for her beautiful hair, glowing skin and face and had a long staggering contract with body glow maintenance campaign and clothing. Including her campaign commercial for hair products and bath products and her highest child model/ actress innocent beautiful USA flower girl clothing long staggering contract. 

Queen Catherine Ugwunwa Ajike is still that it model/actress that is so beautifully perfect you can say she is ate able as an Actress/Model”.

This time we give more to Queen Patience Catherine Ajike innocent beauty when she maintained her commercial contract with high end brand scene for their skin, hair and nail vitamins, their commercial print roller skates, Karl Kani, Skechers Jelly Watch was very well credited for her innocent beauty and glowing gold skin colour which left her with and adored long staggering contract with body glow skin product as well as her hair that is the desire of all and that bagged her a long staggering hair products and accessories contract.

 Queen Patience Catherine Ugwunwa Ajike is known to be the most beautiful actress/model since she came into the scene in the 20th century.

 Queen Patience Catherine Ugwunwa Ajike is known to be the most beautiful actress/model since she came into the scene in the 20th century, she is world credited for her extraordinary flawless irresistible beauty, 5ft8, perfect figure size 6 , world famous natural all young innocent grown up 23 years of age bosom that is a perfect cup 32C, with face of endless beauty to lust in prints and over certain amount of respected magazines job since the start of her career and a skin that glow and glitters like the sunshine and legs that a known to cause green light on men on any runway or movie palladium.

By the age of 0 years – till now 23 years of age Queen Patience Ajike as an it irresistible the most beautiful actress/model, that has modelled for Fila, Rebook, Luster, Calvin Klein, Luella Bartley, Burberry, Dior, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Moschino, Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi, Channel, Italian made Shoes and bags, and many more. Queen Catherine Ajike has modelled for various brands for their accessorizes, beauty products, hair products, commercial prints that has included, As well as boutique print modelling contract As well as boutique for BMW, Chevrolet and Mercedes, and the unforgettable Rolex contract that she held for record breaking many years.

Queen Catherine Ajike is currently progressing a long successful model/actress job contract for Financial Journal magazine print commercial actress/model for Coco Channel, Beauty, Fragrance, Make Up, skincare as well as clothing. 

and Queen Catherine Ajike is also a model for Tiffany and co and also Louis Vuitton with the aim for a long actress/model contract. 

Queen Catherine Ajike is keeping it on the low about a high street brand she is creeping in as their seasonal model, her agency actor/model agency which she established in 2004 carried her in spot light with her big natural all natural beauty from head to toe nails to skin and perfect everything Kate Management Agency worked very hard to demonstrate Queen Catherine Ajike credibility so, we have to see what the winter, spring, summer or autumn season brings on the shop window for Queen Catherine Ajike and H&M.

Queen Parience Ajike was preciously under the management of her mother Royal Sister Lily Ajike the first place winner holding title Miss World Winner the beauty Queen beauty contest winner, she was also a super model, and her own private label beauty maker and cosmetics maker and also a private label caterer and a one London her own collection boutique store owner while still a supper model. 

 I introduce you to the astonishing flawless ageless very beautiful young model/actress that is also a worldwide Queen sovereignty, Your Majesty 

 Queen Catherine Ajike that is also the beauty contest winner of *Miss Nigeria & United Kingdom Miss Nigeria UK beauty queen over all winner Abia State/Imo State/Yorkshire 2007 February/March, *Exceptional Miss Africa Financial Endorsement Beauty Queen Winner for Miss Commonwealth, Trinidad and Tobago, Miss Nigeria, Miss Nigeria beauty contest winner.

 *Miss Commonwealth and Caribbean, Miss Nigeria International, over all beauty queen winner 2009 May *Miss World Beauty queen Campaign Winner Financial Sponsorship Miss World Campaign May 2009 Winner. Miss Nigeria.

Your Imperial Majesty Eze-Nwanyi Patience Catherine Ugwunwa Ajike. The young worldwide sovereign and empire ruler is the daughter of the international tycoon, the very powerful wealthy Kalu Kalu Ajike that is His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike the first former President of Nigeria and the former President of Italy and also was the Ohafia former President of Portugal. 

Is very exited about 

Global fashion week is happening this is going to take place in Nigeria.

Global Fashion Week Is going to be displaying Queen Patience Ajike wonderful Designer Fashion Label and Beauty Collection.

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