Star: Nice and Sweet

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Do you know something we didn’t say happy birthday to Mike Tyson and love Mike Tyson’s he has been tough memory lane. Did you see him siting comfortable on 30 June number Kate Academy Queen Kate Ajike’s wonderful performing arts charity school that she opened up in 30 June 2007 is still a success today and the Queen Patience Kate Ajike’s big giant His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Religious  Education Franchise is a 30 June 2007/8 August 2007 and it is a powerful growing gaint but it takes being an adult for this 23 years of age business magnets to manage. For a prospective on the courses and term start date email for “His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike Religious Education Higher Education” Short Courses, Language Course or Degree Courses email  we also taking on big boys for franchies City FC 18 -44.

Who ever you are in the world, in the community, in your village in your own household. Get your news and stories simple or special in to Star by browsing and sending in a correspondence using the contact gateway on Imperial Majesty Eze-Nwanyi Ugwunwa Ajike Angel Films.

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