Star: Happy Birthday

We were so busy but we had Neyo in our mind did you think that if Queen Kate Ajike now she is a 23 years of age stardom she was going to stop enjoying Neyo Miss Independence please let’s have all the candles and all the mistletoe to one of the biggest and one of the most talent A list celebrity his very special singer and songer writer it was his birthday yesterday Happy Birthday Neyo. Neyo is not only just very special but his is a young talent that we know is going to last for many years to come he sings he writes and his song are so did you make love to that or do what work whilst listening to Neyo. His a major talent that is very rare, we thought we’ve had it before but not quite like this is just Neyo that can give you hit singles and we know his not going away from our radio station request line or music television screen or catalog song writer for many artists for a long a while. However let’s face it Neyo is a young man him self he looks a 21 and we really love Neyo and he ain’t going away soon because his so talented so if you love music Neyo is a musician. We sure has to make it up to him for saying happy birthday today instead of yearsday we want him on the Queen Kate Ajike love sofa or in our magazine when it is in the stores in US. We also heard that Queen Kate Ajike when she turned 23 this year the hip hop biggest artists of the moment, with a rap music project in the aim line contract that is in the biggest financial income music brackets, rap star Basseline sure did tell her happy birthday and we know the socialist A lister Queen Kate Ajike to be a party girl just a tea party at hers is more than enough for her friends and close relatives to come but the very hard working with all due respect to the fact he has asked for his privacy but his profession and project is something we are going to examine and total Doctor Wright Ajike he didn’t tell her happy birthday this year but we know Basseline two little girls always get a happy birthday and the gospel singer Ugomma Ajike little boy always gets a happy birthday and Dr Wright Ajike other little girl normally gets a happy birthday but it was Dr Wright Ajike’s daughter’s birthday yesterday she turned 18 happy birthday to Chinoso Smart,  Ifunaya Ajike, Jade Ajike and Tyler Ajike their cousin and sister Aaliyah Ajike she turned 18 yesterday. 

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