Financial Journal: So who is coming to the movie of the century Sweet Words Queen Patience Ajike exhibition is on the 30 April 2022 & 12 May 2022. You Get A Juice Drink When You Come. Has you got you ticket yet?. For a chance for front row here is a question…

When it was Queen Patience Ajike’s Birthday & she was filming the Chronicles of Queen Patience Ajike first episode, the house that Queen Patience Ajike was screaming about do you think that she is going to film inside it again for The Chronicles Of Queen Patience Ajike second episode. If you dip to play and you buy Sweet Words DVD today you shall get it delivered to you in a glittering gold wrapper.

Financial Journal: The best 20 minutes of your century “Sweet Words Star Lime Light Exhibition For The Political One Woman Show Movie Starring The Hollywood Actress Queen Kate Ajike”. April 30 2022, May 12 2022. When you purchase the ticket you get to know the full address and where it is prestige that it is happening in United Of America & Nigeria. Also, because it is very beautiful here today ticket is $50 to $1000 but already because of all that niceness it is on a special cost oh my goodness it’s $50 to $500 today. Here is that ticket hotline 00447506312944.

Buy your ticket today. The beautiful Queen Kate Ajike is going to be there.

One person at a time. Between 8:30am to 18:45pm

Book the time slot that you would like to attend it is a beautiful affordable $1000 & it is in United Of America & Nigeria. Ticket hotline 07506312944.

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