Financial Journal: Eze-Nwanyi Sheba Patience Ajike is a wealthy lucky star & a wealthy winner congratulations.

A record breaking congratulations, to the hard working actress and luckiest person in the world right now, Queen Ugwunwa Patience Ajike the Hebrew girl, Ohafia Nigeria, Native America Red India, Jewish, Scandinavia, Arab, and Australian very beautiful, humble and the head pastor for Pastor Patience Ajike Ministry, Queen Patience Ugwunwa Kate Catherine Ajike is so lucky she is the highest paid ever actress, Queen Patience Ugwunwa Ajike is getting the yearly high end two different million dollar income budget payment, and gross has been offered also to the beautiful 23 years of classic actress world wide Queen. Queen Patience Ajike secured the job last year August from the Australia Hollywood massive entertainment house giant Movie Pass, Helios and Matheson Analytics, & is a 3 to 5 years contract. Queen Patience Ajike negotiated and said thank you to the main big boy boss of the movie industry big house hold name Movie Pass, Helios and Matheson Analytics. Queen Patience Ajike that has been busy enjoying the Ohafia New Yam Festival has been thanking God endlessly for this. Queen Kate Ajike is set to be on set this month, the project is allowing her to really explore and demonstrate enjoyment of glamorisation as a voice actress to the audience is going to be excellent and a defiant box office run come said Queen Kate Ajike. As humble as Queen Patience Ajike remainders standing ovation was shown toward the global star actress that is the daughter of the former president of Nigeria, United States Of America, Middle East, Italy, Great Britain, Portugal, Australia, Brazil, and other country 

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