Financial Newspaper. Colonel Gaddafi vs His Excellency President KK Ajike. Financial Journal : With The Ammount Of Money She Got Paid From It She Said Thank God She Had A Charity Paradise and was an entrepreneur with a Hotel only 28 February and 8 August can carry it historic achievement progress as it is over 1000 properties, 8 August Queen Patience Ajike please cut the ribbon. Queen Patience Ajike also had a movie production company. Are we waiting for hallelujah so we can see more of Queen Patience Ajike on movie cinemas screen?, but the word is the currently 23 years of age Queen Patience Ajike has only been used to her father His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike as President but the year she graduated with a first class the tension was on when she was called to the main University head of departments and the Drama school that is a university the principle who congratulated the young brain box for acing it in two years making sure she was at the final 3rd year examinations and her own examinations that was a legacy, took her required 3rd year graduation picture though the red light please as she was only a minor was told to focused what she got and how she felt in that her final examination that rolled from 2007 14 February to round about 8 April 2007 when she graduated round about 8 April 2007 with a first class, Queen Patience Ajike was hardcore evangelist, worshipping God, however, you have to wait to watch the documentary but she was quick with a meeting with an Igbo television marketing please call him a thank you sir God bless you for this because before you knew it Gaddafi requested for Queen Patience Ajike for that summit that took place 30 April 2007 to round about 8 May 2007 it was too powerful. The sneak peak was that Queen Patience Ajike was very privileged that he requested for Queen Patience Ajike but she she sends her stamping condolence to Gaddafi today 20 October and aiming to start filming the reality documentary “Up close and personal Upon the President Gaddafi Summit and the involvement of the very wealthy President Kalu Kalu Ajike” in time for Christmas day this year so it can get a cinema movie distruibution release and shown in a few festivals as well as streaming platforms. Queen Patience Ajike kept saying to Colonel Gaddafi i look like my father His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike” “I kept saying I look like my father thank you’ , but he made a very big effort upon his coming to shake my hand but everything was real but it was like wait you have to wait for my beauty we know Queen Patience Ajike is for sure is very beautiful like a white diamond or red ruby on screen if you see her in real life” Queen Patience Ajike actually looks that irresistible beautiful but she was an actress/journalist/model for this but it was different just that he knew that he that he knew my father but my pager peeped for Dwight D. Eisenhower who she stamps a condolence for the 14 October.

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