Financial Journal: First day at work for Eze-Nwanyi Patience Ajike

The wonderful world wide ruler the world wide monarch the worldwide sovereign Queen Patience Ajike that is only 23 years of age is tougher than we think and we all know that, the Queen said she has been thanking God she starts work today with that her 3 to 5 years contract she pulled in from the Hollywood big giant Movie Pass 

She said she know that her father His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike was a Politician as well as a King and out of all the myth we all know Shaka Zulu is the only that was a true myth and didn’t have even some one that can’t see or get out of bed put their dirty face on the myth about how powerful my father was instead the respected it avoiding negligence or false lies on what can never be.

because we all know Queen Patience Ajike 

she has said she i thank God am the worldwide Queen that stood throne properly after my father and his Lolo, Queen consort my mother Sister Lily Ajike 

so as you are hearing the myth on my father on Shakazula today 22 September, even i heard when the said it him. 

I love you all am so exited am start work today and my endless thank you to Movie Pass Yeah am a movie star I got a job said the young Eze-Nwanyi Patience Victoria Kate Ajike 

Congratulations to the hiegest paid Hollywood actress Queen Patience Kate Ajike for successfully securing this job as a star actress it is big

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