Financial Journal Current News & Politics. “Global Admiration Grows Continually For the 22-Years of Age, Most Beautiful Woman, Worldwide Ruler, Monarch & Sovereign Queen Patience Ajike”

The 22 years of age Queen Patience Ajike is the center of attraction of the global press because of her amazing achievements and mesmerizing personality.

The incomparably beautiful 22 years of age, Leeds UK born on 8 August 1998, Queen Patience Ajike, is garnering the attention of the global media like no one else does. The world press is delighted to report on the various things that Queen Patience Ajike, the mixed origin Ohafia, does as part of her religious program that’s televised on channel NTA, one of the biggest in the world.

As the most attractive first-generation Native America Red Indian, first-generation Native African America, as well as first-generation Umuguma, the Queen Patience Ajike is followed by the world press constantly as they try to get her opinion about her numerous programs and works.  

The worldwide Queen Patience Ajike is admired by the whole world for her Church Ministry Religious Program, which has a large global viewership as it is televised on one of the biggest television channels called ‘Channel NTA’.

Pastor Patience Ajike has emerged as an endless blessing for the whole world. It has its grand premiere in November 2020, and it successfully rolled all the way through to 2021 Good Friday. The makers are sure of more episodes and seasons rolling out as they wait for shooting dates from the righteous Pastor Patience Ajike.

The generous and beautiful first-generation Arab, olden days Jewish, first-generation Egyptian, first-generation Igbo and first-generation African American, Sovereign Empress, Queen Patience Ajike is a favorite of the global press because she is very transparent and honest towards them. She carries herself with grace and respect. She truly has loads of responsibilities. 

The exquisite and talented Queen Patience Ajike is a global Queen, as she has the responsibility of the world on her. Now at the age of 22, Queen Patience Ajike knows despite being young that she has got tremendous control over a lot of things.

One of the most stunning correspondence from the Queen Patience Ajike is about the gigantic and mansion she inherited from her very wealthy father the first President of Nigeria, the second President Of America with Mexico, Latin America, and Canada, the President of Israel with Middle East, the President of Italy, His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike. He was also the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom with The Republic of Ireland, and the commissioner of Police, KK was the head of Nigeria Police, UK Police and Ireland Police. His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike. While the three-story mansion has 24 bedrooms at present, the original plan is for 12 story and 100 bedrooms, which means there is a long way to go. The architecture of the mansion is the creative intelligent of Queen Patience Ajike.

Queen Patience Ajike has her own architecture company

Eze-Nwanyi Ndidi Ajike Architecture. The firm undertakes construction of buildings, decoration of homes, and property designing projects. 

Those interested can drop a message at: 

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