Financial Journal: Clap for the myths on Ugwunwa Ajike but if you are looking forward to Financial Journal one then is very interesting because you have not seen it yet?

We do have some wonderful stories should we give a round of applause to Wikipedia myths that have given them self a lush touch on the face on Queen Ugwunwa Ajike did Basseline make the myth or his brother Dr Wright Ajike or Ugwunwa Ajike’ dad or mum make the myth but didn’t invade Queen Ugwunwa Ajike’s privacy because the painting there are so nice you should donate to Wikipedia foundation & Paradise which is Queen Ugwunwa Ajike global charity  

  1. Is a tie: Maria Alexandrovna (Marie of Hesse)/ John Adam’s/Constantine the Great/ Shaka Zulu/ Alexander II Of Russia/ Edward VI/ Cleopatra VII/ Philopator/Henry VIII/Ann Of Great Britain/Victoria Of Great Britain/Elizabeth I/ Mary I of England/ Catherine Parr/Catherine of Braganza/Nazli Sabri//Fawzia Fuad of Egypt & Christopher Columbus.
  2. Alexander III/Nicholas Alexandrovich, Tsesarevich of Russia/Catherine de’ Medici/Catherine Micaela of Spain/Catherine of Valois
  3. Is a draw: Elizabeth of York/ Eleanor of Austria/Isabella II of Spain
  4. Frank Rockefeller
  5. Is a draw: Louise of Denmark and Norway/ Marquis de Sade/Christian VI of Denmark/Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
  6. The Rockefeller family 
  7. Is a draw: Catherine the Great/Eleanor of Aquitaine/Wallis Simpson.
  8. Edward III/Henry VII/Ferdinand I of Romania Charles VIII of France /Edward VIII.
  9. Is a draw: Anne Brittany/Maria

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