Financial Journal: “8 Million People Please special mistletoe”.

With all that excitement upon the beautiful promotion that Eze-Nwanyi Ugwunwa Ajike Angel Films is doing for the lunching for the movie streaming release and the all beautiful all golden all glitter Hollywood documentary movie Sweet Words starring Queen Patience Catherine Ajike is the signature movie for the century  and the movie streaming platform the first 8 million subscribers on the platform instead of paying $348 dollars for one years subscription you get to pay just $220 for one year subscription.

Is simple just click on contact on this e-commence and get ahead with the advance subscription today is just $220 instead $348.

His not the music industry Hip Hop star very good looking hunk handsome Basseline, but we the who fan that want to go to his tour who scream his handsome know we got love for him today, know to break into the entertainment industry it takes talent this guy is not a muppet his not just anybody he didn’t come to tell any Princess Kate Ajike’s story to survive on live on and then say he made it enough off that let’s stop that, he didn’t even go with a name that doesn’t belong to him to make it, 

Usher Raymond is a true star quality entertainer he can dance, sing and we have only seen him perform in a film but how many awards, chart topping single, sales tours, gigs has he not entertained his fans with?, and to top it off his handsome, he finished the music channel and the radio station and he is what the family listen to and know his a singer. His a celebrity and is his birthday today we love his song “You make me wanna”, “You got it bad” and Pop ya collar” around the globe they know him happy birthday 43 birthday for today Usher. Please usher enjoy it you are still a baby there are people that are 50 saying they are 45 but this young boy came in young and quick into the entertainment industry and he is a handsome man now all the over 23 say hallelujah is Usher Raymond’s birthday his so sexy am sure he gonna look like a grown man for a while we saying 28 his yum so let’s blow the candle for that star boy Usher.

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