Financial Newspaper: Chief Emmanuel Ajike: Historic Hip Hop Music Industry Biggest Breaking Record Income But Pending Finalisation. Is this cute financial figure real mistletoe baby gonna give us the mistletoe we have a few candles to blow on icing sugar?.

Congratulations to the rap star & Entrepreneur Chief Emmanuel Ajike the young 31 years of age Hip Hop artist that goes by the stage name Basseline achived a record himself that i don’t think no other artist has ever done in the Hip Hop music business the very handsome boy has come to the rescue to the gold star major record label from a correspondence from his media attorney that is younger sister Empress Kate Ajike who knew that her rap star brother had what it took to rejuvenate her relationship with 2006 8 August established record label Kate Angel Music professional friendship with hold on the two relation has got the three Germany Record label Universal, Warner & Sony under their belt as well as polydor, Empress Kate Ajike has said that she was practically on Chief Emmanuel Ajike’s feet upon the success that there is progress with Universal Music Group Germany that is worth something that has never happened in the music industry history before. Empress Kate Ajike has said she is very happy that her relationship with Universal Music Group Germany is on the road to a life time achievement with Basseline as the answer to why there is a Hip Hop Music Business, he is commercial, eclectic with a huge UK fan base, Massive Nigeria fan base, racking in a enough from the USA air waves with his single No Be Lie that his not complaining. Let’s not forget Basseline came rolling with the Major when they were very young and he was exploring his hip hop rap star talent, however then Basseline did hardcore Hip Hop but as you can imagine as a focused devoted religion up bringing and an Entremprenue that his business has been a market bread winner countinue congratulations non stop to Chief Emmanuel Ajike his quick hard working but was focused on Bussiness but he is not a stranger to the Major Music Hip Hop big scene no wonder his sister Empresss Kate Ajike bowed on this Basseline’s achievement with Universal Music Group Germany as a Hip Hop star. However Basseline is focusing on work the fire breather as a rapper has got more beautiful music under his belt than we forget to mention for his global large fan base, but am sure his feeling reading knowing the major hit him up way back and his attorney can’t wait for his beautiful pending glory is so though but is progress glory.

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