Star: Something for Christmas.

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You would think he was the Christmas tree for this month Happy birthday Khalil Kain the good looking Love Jones actor is 57 today. He came through and finished the screen when Hollywood was smelling like candy rumour has it that Queen Patience Ajike has waited so long to be an adult that she is even interested in working with the handsome actor even if it is to get him on her love sofa or a few of her movies that are lined up for cinema release.

Financial Journal: The very beautiful news story landed that Queen Patience Ajike is really the highest paid Hollywood actress the contract she got just a few days after her 22nd birthday August 2020 was more than a big achievement for the young 23 years of age very irresistible beautiful movie star Queen Patience Ajike the daughter of the former President His Excellency President KK Ajike, that was also Commissioner of Police.

Queen Patience Ajike has got five years contract with Hollywood movie industry big giant MOVIE PASS, Helios and Matheson Analytics. Queen Patience Ajike has maintained her professionalism through out the unforgettable movie star centre stage powerful delicate actress that is currently 23 years of age said is something the audience are going to enjoy. There is television involved Queen Patience Ajike jumped on set and call sheet during 22nd and 30 September 2021 but the first few episodes Queen Patience Ajike  is gracing us with this audio drama different kind of movie industry show case that can send you dreaming fantasising or just getting up and being productive as you are listing to it doing what you are doing where ever you are going to be waking up in the beautiful world in this is very planet earth.

The truth of the fact has it that Queen Patience Ajike is being paid between $29,000,000 to $150,000,000 per year plus her acting daily rate for the audio drama Cool Classics. Queen Patience Ajike also bag in 30% yearly company gross in this contract, but Queen Patience Ajike even got a company laptop but she has been working very hard is going to take that yes Queen Patience Ajike working hard on this project before she gets paid every quarter.

The advertisement is going to be going on the big Red London Buses and the international releasing date Christmas December shall not miss us on the release date.

However, the beautiful audio streaming drama Cool Classics which the movie star Queen Patience Ajike has described as endless enjoyable entertainment as she is takes the audience up a wonderful story telling exploring entertainment the fullest enjoyment in Hollywood Movie Industry big giant MOVIE PASS, Helios and Matheson Analytics. “Cool Classics” 

Star: Is too special but yet it is true Queen Patience Ugwunwa Catherine Kate Ajike the beautiful actress is Hollywood highest paid actress.

Queen Patience Ugwunwa Catherine Kate Ajike is not a stranger to the lime light as the centre stage star actress though she knows how to appreciate and respect everyone around her why not the beautiful 23 years of age world stardom actress is a beautiful sovereign as a person that is so humble and hard working no wonder she gets the respect she is due properly.

However the endless growing success story of Queen Patience Ugwunwa Catherine Kate Ajike as the Hollywood highest paid actress just keeps evolving that contract she landed with Hollywood movie industry big giant MOVIE PASS, Helios and Matheson Analytics it is a top story beautiful news December Christmas is not going to miss anybody on the release date, wonderful advertisement and more information on the very enjoyable movie entertainment as you would expect starring Queen Patience Ugwunwa Catherine Kate Ajike, it is an extraordinary creative beautiful enjoyment entertainment.

Queen Patience Ugwunwa Catherine Kate Ajike has said that as a professional actress the contract is a blessing she has just been rooted and focused on the project, her character and role, however as a lead centre powerful yet soft, delicate and strong actress, she is use making a audience very happy, satisfied and worth it, so, it is full of entertainment at it’s very best. 

Financial Newspaper: “Queen Patience Ajike Says She Has Her Heart Set On Worshipping God”.

We caught this one by surprise but it is Tinie Tempah’s birthday the little boy is not a little boy anymore his 33 years of age big boy.

Star Boy Basseline is looking too good we can not wait for what his dropping in Hip Hop soon his so cute no wonder his Jewish Ohafia British American.

We want to know how rapper The Game is getting on these days but the name that came through is Hip Hop star boy Basseline his movement is major and tough the 31 years of rap star is pretty hustle hard for the hip hop music scene 

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Financial Newspaper: Is It Still Fire Works? Or Heals On Please Is Hip Hop.

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Diddy Happy Birthday for the Nov 4

Financial Newspaper : Eze-Nwanyi Sheba Patience Ajike Worldwide Church New Pending Religious Program. Tell Pastor Patience Ajike All About It.

Eze-Nwanyi Sheba Patience Ajike Worldwide Church Religious Program. Tell Pastor Patience Ajike All About It.

Queen Patience Ajike has said I have to carry my card but apply to come on the show what ever it is you are wanting to discus Pastor Patience Ajike is happy to hear it.

Simple see you when i see you, you coming to the show or getting a prayer.

If you don’t want to come to the comfort sofa to talk to Pastor Patience Ajike about it, then call Eze-Nwanyi Sheba Patience Ajike Worldwide Church prayer line & Pastor Patience Ajike can pray for you over the phone or if you want to come to the comfort sofa then call also. 00447506312944

Have you noticed the amount of Barclays branch Barclays PLC had opened between the year 2008 to 2009 has you seen as of recent the amount of Barclays PLC branch that has been shout and leased is it lucky the Crown Queen Patience, Catherine, Kate, Ugwunwa, Ajike then, and the head of states Chief Emmanuel Ajike and his other brother Chief Dr Wright Ajike might have to say. However as Queen Patience Ajike glanced at the Barclays  property for lease her focus was on how she was going to tackle the homelessness issue as she saw people sleeping as though it was a water bed in the street. Though homelessness was an issue she raised during the 6 August 2021 Foreign Nations Associations Conference Summit Meeting with the two head of states Chief Emmanuel Ajike and Chief Doctor Wright Ajike.