Financial Journal: Are We Getting Ready For Streaming, The Signature Movie?.

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We have a lot more happening with Financial Journal but the R’n’B beauty and golden girl Monica did she celebrate her birthday yesterday or what happy 41st birthday Monica you still look 20 but we really want you on one of Queen Patience Ajike television show.

Star: How Long Have You Been Loving Been Mining Queen Patience Kate Ajike “Telll Me How You Feel & All About It” has got something to do with followship.

Happy Birthday to the Saudi Bussines young boy Hassan Jameel. Did you know that Queen Patience Ajike saw him on the tv and, since then has been very inclined by his way of business. The business managent herself has wished Hassan a Happy 33 birthday and said he should defiantly come to one of her The Queen Kate Ajike Love Sofa but she has another one that he could find intriguing but Queen Patience Ajike has said is better for him to come her national television show stardom or stardom celebrity or not , the best person in the globe or not, the best person in the community or not the best person at work or not the best person living in the neighbourhood or not, the show is “Tell Me How You Feel & All About It” Queen Patience Ajike.

Financial Newspaper. Colonel Gaddafi vs His Excellency President KK Ajike. Financial Journal : With The Ammount Of Money She Got Paid From It She Said Thank God She Had A Charity Paradise and was an entrepreneur with a Hotel only 28 February and 8 August can carry it historic achievement progress as it is over 1000 properties, 8 August Queen Patience Ajike please cut the ribbon. Queen Patience Ajike also had a movie production company. Are we waiting for hallelujah so we can see more of Queen Patience Ajike on movie cinemas screen?, but the word is the currently 23 years of age Queen Patience Ajike has only been used to her father His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike as President but the year she graduated with a first class the tension was on when she was called to the main University head of departments and the Drama school that is a university the principle who congratulated the young brain box for acing it in two years making sure she was at the final 3rd year examinations and her own examinations that was a legacy, took her required 3rd year graduation picture though the red light please as she was only a minor was told to focused what she got and how she felt in that her final examination that rolled from 2007 14 February to round about 8 April 2007 when she graduated round about 8 April 2007 with a first class, Queen Patience Ajike was hardcore evangelist, worshipping God, however, you have to wait to watch the documentary but she was quick with a meeting with an Igbo television marketing please call him a thank you sir God bless you for this because before you knew it Gaddafi requested for Queen Patience Ajike for that summit that took place 30 April 2007 to round about 8 May 2007 it was too powerful. The sneak peak was that Queen Patience Ajike was very privileged that he requested for Queen Patience Ajike but she she sends her stamping condolence to Gaddafi today 20 October and aiming to start filming the reality documentary “Up close and personal Upon the President Gaddafi Summit and the involvement of the very wealthy President Kalu Kalu Ajike” in time for Christmas day this year so it can get a cinema movie distruibution release and shown in a few festivals as well as streaming platforms. Queen Patience Ajike kept saying to Colonel Gaddafi i look like my father His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike” “I kept saying I look like my father thank you’ , but he made a very big effort upon his coming to shake my hand but everything was real but it was like wait you have to wait for my beauty we know Queen Patience Ajike is for sure is very beautiful like a white diamond or red ruby on screen if you see her in real life” Queen Patience Ajike actually looks that irresistible beautiful but she was an actress/journalist/model for this but it was different just that he knew that he that he knew my father but my pager peeped for Dwight D. Eisenhower who she stamps a condolence for the 14 October.

Star: Happy Birthday

We were so busy but we had Neyo in our mind did you think that if Queen Kate Ajike now she is a 23 years of age stardom she was going to stop enjoying Neyo Miss Independence please let’s have all the candles and all the mistletoe to one of the biggest and one of the most talent A list celebrity his very special singer and songer writer it was his birthday yesterday Happy Birthday Neyo. Neyo is not only just very special but his is a young talent that we know is going to last for many years to come he sings he writes and his song are so did you make love to that or do what work whilst listening to Neyo. His a major talent that is very rare, we thought we’ve had it before but not quite like this is just Neyo that can give you hit singles and we know his not going away from our radio station request line or music television screen or catalog song writer for many artists for a long a while. However let’s face it Neyo is a young man him self he looks a 21 and we really love Neyo and he ain’t going away soon because his so talented so if you love music Neyo is a musician. We sure has to make it up to him for saying happy birthday today instead of yearsday we want him on the Queen Kate Ajike love sofa or in our magazine when it is in the stores in US. We also heard that Queen Kate Ajike when she turned 23 this year the hip hop biggest artists of the moment, with a rap music project in the aim line contract that is in the biggest financial income music brackets, rap star Basseline sure did tell her happy birthday and we know the socialist A lister Queen Kate Ajike to be a party girl just a tea party at hers is more than enough for her friends and close relatives to come but the very hard working with all due respect to the fact he has asked for his privacy but his profession and project is something we are going to examine and total Doctor Wright Ajike he didn’t tell her happy birthday this year but we know Basseline two little girls always get a happy birthday and the gospel singer Ugomma Ajike little boy always gets a happy birthday and Dr Wright Ajike other little girl normally gets a happy birthday but it was Dr Wright Ajike’s daughter’s birthday yesterday she turned 18 happy birthday to Chinoso Smart,  Ifunaya Ajike, Jade Ajike and Tyler Ajike their cousin and sister Aaliyah Ajike she turned 18 yesterday. 

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Star: Nice and Sweet

Did you buy it wanna buy it?

Do you know something we didn’t say happy birthday to Mike Tyson and love Mike Tyson’s he has been tough memory lane. Did you see him siting comfortable on 30 June number Kate Academy Queen Kate Ajike’s wonderful performing arts charity school that she opened up in 30 June 2007 is still a success today and the Queen Patience Kate Ajike’s big giant His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Religious  Education Franchise is a 30 June 2007/8 August 2007 and it is a powerful growing gaint but it takes being an adult for this 23 years of age business magnets to manage. For a prospective on the courses and term start date email for “His Excellency President Kalu Kalu Ajike Religious Education Higher Education” Short Courses, Language Course or Degree Courses email  we also taking on big boys for franchies City FC 18 -44.

Who ever you are in the world, in the community, in your village in your own household. Get your news and stories simple or special in to Star by browsing and sending in a correspondence using the contact gateway on Imperial Majesty Eze-Nwanyi Ugwunwa Ajike Angel Films.

Financial Journal: “8 Million People Please special mistletoe”.

With all that excitement upon the beautiful promotion that Eze-Nwanyi Ugwunwa Ajike Angel Films is doing for the lunching for the movie streaming release and the all beautiful all golden all glitter Hollywood documentary movie Sweet Words starring Queen Patience Catherine Ajike is the signature movie for the century  and the movie streaming platform the first 8 million subscribers on the platform instead of paying $348 dollars for one years subscription you get to pay just $220 for one year subscription.

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His not the music industry Hip Hop star very good looking hunk handsome Basseline, but we the who fan that want to go to his tour who scream his handsome know we got love for him today, know to break into the entertainment industry it takes talent this guy is not a muppet his not just anybody he didn’t come to tell any Princess Kate Ajike’s story to survive on live on and then say he made it enough off that let’s stop that, he didn’t even go with a name that doesn’t belong to him to make it, 

Usher Raymond is a true star quality entertainer he can dance, sing and we have only seen him perform in a film but how many awards, chart topping single, sales tours, gigs has he not entertained his fans with?, and to top it off his handsome, he finished the music channel and the radio station and he is what the family listen to and know his a singer. His a celebrity and is his birthday today we love his song “You make me wanna”, “You got it bad” and Pop ya collar” around the globe they know him happy birthday 43 birthday for today Usher. Please usher enjoy it you are still a baby there are people that are 50 saying they are 45 but this young boy came in young and quick into the entertainment industry and he is a handsome man now all the over 23 say hallelujah is Usher Raymond’s birthday his so sexy am sure he gonna look like a grown man for a while we saying 28 his yum so let’s blow the candle for that star boy Usher.

Financial Journal: Clap for the myths on Ugwunwa Ajike but if you are looking forward to Financial Journal one then is very interesting because you have not seen it yet?

We do have some wonderful stories should we give a round of applause to Wikipedia myths that have given them self a lush touch on the face on Queen Ugwunwa Ajike did Basseline make the myth or his brother Dr Wright Ajike or Ugwunwa Ajike’ dad or mum make the myth but didn’t invade Queen Ugwunwa Ajike’s privacy because the painting there are so nice you should donate to Wikipedia foundation & Paradise which is Queen Ugwunwa Ajike global charity  

  1. Is a tie: Maria Alexandrovna (Marie of Hesse)/ John Adam’s/Constantine the Great/ Shaka Zulu/ Alexander II Of Russia/ Edward VI/ Cleopatra VII/ Philopator/Henry VIII/Ann Of Great Britain/Victoria Of Great Britain/Elizabeth I/ Mary I of England/ Catherine Parr/Catherine of Braganza/Nazli Sabri//Fawzia Fuad of Egypt & Christopher Columbus.
  2. Alexander III/Nicholas Alexandrovich, Tsesarevich of Russia/Catherine de’ Medici/Catherine Micaela of Spain/Catherine of Valois
  3. Is a draw: Elizabeth of York/ Eleanor of Austria/Isabella II of Spain
  4. Frank Rockefeller
  5. Is a draw: Louise of Denmark and Norway/ Marquis de Sade/Christian VI of Denmark/Alfred, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
  6. The Rockefeller family 
  7. Is a draw: Catherine the Great/Eleanor of Aquitaine/Wallis Simpson.
  8. Edward III/Henry VII/Ferdinand I of Romania Charles VIII of France /Edward VIII.
  9. Is a draw: Anne Brittany/Maria

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